Group Benefit Plan

Small Business and Group Benefit Plan

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are one of our main client groups. We work together to develop and implement a solid personal financial plan that will help them achieve their personal financial goals in reflection to their business. Many business owners realize the importance of structuring their personal affairs in a way that will not be affected if their business is faced with difficulties. On the course of my work, I cover important areas like estate planning, insurance & tax minimization strategies as well as succession planning. I am sure you agree that these are very important areas to consider, especially for self employed individuals.

Recent surveys indicated that group benefit plans are ranked second by employees as a reason to accept and/ or continue working for the same employer. For this reason, the need for expert and independent advice is in high demand by successful businesses. To effectively and efficiently assist business owners, our team of highly qualified experts provides expert advice to businesses looking to improve their current group benefit plans or wish to start a new one in the near future. Some of the most common employee benefit services we help businesses design are:

Group Insurance
A program developed to insure your employees and their families using a combination of medical, dental, life and disability insurance. Group purchasing power allows everyone to benefit from reduced rates. You and your employees deserve peace-of-mind and security from unexpected costs.

Group RRSP
A group RRSP can be provided through a payroll deduction feature. This program assists your employees in paying less tax on their income throughout the year while enjoying the benefits of a long-term investment program that will grow their retirement “nest-egg”.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan
A flexible program that allows the employer to share company profits with employees on a tax deferred basis. The contributions to the program are tax deductible by the employer while at the same time avoiding certain payroll costs normally associated with the payment of year-end bonuses.

Defined Contribution Pension Plans
A plan structured to ensure both the regular investment of contributions and the guarantee of assets available for retirement. A pension plan is established with required employer and employee contributions. Provincial pension legislation guarantees plan assets will be available in retirement.

All employee benefit plans offered by us provide the following:

  1. The flexibility to design your benefit program to suit your needs and objectives.
  2. Complete administrative services to ensure the smooth operation of your program.
  3. Wide range of investment options through a variety of providers.
  4. Being independent allow us to shop for the best product with the best structure that meets your specific needs.
  5. This provides your employees with the opportunity to diversify the investment mix of their retirement program.
  6. The opportunity to invest in Guaranteed Investment Certificates and/or term deposits.
  7. Customer service and personal financial planning.
We offer our clients assistance by coordinating the program’s implementation and provide on-going assistance and plan administration.